It’s a Cocknado Contest!!

I’ve got something really fun for you!!! We all know Griffin has a way with words. It’s not always a great way…but it’s a way. 😉 Anyhoo, he wrote a little song called Cocknado, and he needs help with a few lyrics. That’s where you guys come in! Get your thinking caps on, it’s time to write!

Start thinking of your best line for his song. Then, stop by my FB party on the 24th! When I give you the go-ahead to post it, comment with your special words to this soon-to-be-a-classic song! Griffin will choose three lines that he absolutely must have in the song, and in exchange he will give you a signed copy of Untamed! Woot woot!!


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How to Describe Griffin…

How exactly do you describe Griffin Hancock? Well…

Griffin Hancock is the most amazing person on the planet. Or so he believes. He has enough confidence and swagger to power a small country, but deep underneath the bravado lays a loving father and devoted husband. Griffin has a profound sexual appetite, and is willing to try just about anything—a trait he shares with his playful, beautiful wife. But arrogance and pride are Griffin’s biggest downfalls, and they just might cost him everything he holds dear.

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Ask the Author!!

Have questions about ‪#‎Untamed, #Thoughtful, or just life in general? Now’s your chance to ‪#‎AsktheAuthor‬ over at Goodreads!

I’ll be leaving the chat open for a few days, so you have plenty of time to get your question in!

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